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About Us

The company ReCo Technologies is a rising brand of Polish manufacturer, which specializes in production of building materials with glass and basalt fiber. All products under the tradename GB are made of fibers embedded in an epoxy resin, which gives them special technical parameters. The company produces fibre from fiberglass and composite rods for concrete reinforcing. Due to the quality control systems, we sell only selected products without any manufacturing defects.

Modern technology and long-standing studies allowed us to obtain high quality products with the lowest prices on the market. The analyses carried out on several technical universities showed that our products have much better technical parameters than the reinforcing steel which has been used so far. Through cooperation with many scientific institutions throughout Poland we provide technical support at every stage of the project - from preliminary design up to construction.

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Technical Approval

The products we offer have the technical approval for composite rods made of glass and basalt fibers published by Road and Bridge Research Institute

No. AT / 2016-05-2076

Technical Approval


In order to confirm all the advantages of composite rods our company carried out a study based on ACI US standards in the Polish scientific institutions. The elite of national construction engineers watched over the research to control and describe the quality of the delivered products. We received the positive note showing the high level of our materials.

Main idea

The main idea of our company is to introduce innovative materials – GBR composite rods and fibre.
Providing our service with excellent quality we offer unique products for our clients to meet their expectations and ensure the longevity of the structure which can be exposed to even very aggressive environment without the need of expensive repairs.


We are looking for the companies willing to take a long-term cooperation with us in order to carry out research, qualitative assessments and seek to implement modern building materials. Our main purpose is not selling but changing the trends of construction and development of technologies that provide almost immortality of structures.

Up to 9-times lighter than steel bars

High corrosion resistance

Inexpensive and easy to transport

Electrical and thermal insulator