The high resistance of glass and basalt fibers to sulfates and other aggressive compounds of different origin causes that the GBR products should be used in the construction of industrial facilities. In the laboratories where the structures are subjected to contact chemically aggressive gases and liquids our bars provide unchangeable strength parameters through the years.

Another important advantage is the fact that the GBR rods are dielectric, do not interfere with the electrical devices and do not cause the phenomenon of magnetic induction, which has resulted in putting an end to commonly used reinforcing steel.

Thanks to these properties, they are particularly suitable for special buildings such as airports and hospitals, not interfering the work of antennas, transmitters, mobile phones and other devices located inside buildings or in their near vicinity.

Business and development

A wide range of possible applications:

  • Research establishments
  • Hospitals and laboratory facilities
  • Military buildings
  • Electric power infrastructure
  • Air traffic control buildings, such as control towers and radar stations