Underground construction

Another use of composite rods is for foundation works and construction of underground and marine facilities. These structures are particularly exposed to aggressive environment, which may cause a rapid decline of pH in the concrete. Usually, this phenomenon is simultaneous with rapidly progressive corrosion of steel. The exposed objects can be protected against it by using the appropriate thickness of the concrete cover but, unfortunately, even though steel reinforcement will corrode after some time. The GBR product provides a constant mechanical properties even in aggressive environments.

An additional advantage of GBR rods is the ability to apply them in the construction of subways and tunnels. The current state of technology allows drilling by TBM shield (Tunnel Boring Machine) through walls made only of composite rods. Moreover, the weight of these bars is 9-times less than those made of steel so that they can be transported by small vans which significantly reduces costs.

Building to a higher standard

A wide range of possible applications:
  • Foundations
  • Diaphragm walls
  • Strengthening of embankments and ground
  • Components of marine structures