We are looking for the companies willing to take a long-term cooperation with us in order to carry out research, qualitative assessments and seek to implement modern building materials. Our main purpose is not selling but changing the trends of construction and development of technologies that provide almost immortality of structures.

We carried out a lot of research on technical universities but knowing that the theory is often different from practice we are interested in cooperation in the field of experimental use of our products in the structures particularly exposed to aggressive environments (chlorides, sea salts, acids).

We are looking for companies with passion that are not afraid to implement modern and safe products on market. Besides construction companies we are willing to take up cooperation with design ones. We are interested in building companies, in particular:

  • Design companies.
  • Manufacturers of prefabricated road slabs, foundation slabs, railway sleepers.
  • Companies specializing in road, bridge and underground construction.
  • Producers of fencings: concrete underpinnings, fence panels, posts, etc.
  • Companies specializing in the construction of industrial floors.
  • Businesses related to construction of marital infrastructure and facilities exposed to strong impacts of sea salt
  • Companies dealing with strengthening of the substrate and embankments reinforcing.
  • And others, for which the properties of our products are necessary.

We provide access to our materials, consultations by academics researches and studies of concrete products with the use of composite reinforcement. Applications for cooperation please send us by email:  or by filling in our  contact form .