How to order?

In contrast to steel, our composite bars are offered in running meters, not in tonnes or kilograms. This is caused mainly due to the fact that the real weight of a product may slightly deviate from the tabular one which is related to the permissible differences of weight of raw materials used at a given time for production.

If you have only the demand for steel bars expressed in kilograms, please refer to our tables and decide what diameters of composite rods are required. The exchange of diameters is based on their physical and mechanical parameters.

To place an order, please send it in electronic form to the given e-mail address. The confirmation of receipt of an order and price calculation will be sent forthwith.

Order form

What to give?

Please provide the following information:
When ordering bars:
  • diameter
  • type (basalt/glass)
  • number of meters
When ordering ready-made meshes:
  • diameter of rods
  • dimensions of the mesh
  • spacing
When ordering fibre:
  • type (basalt/glass)

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If you have any questions or comments regarding how our material solutions can assist you, reach us through the telephone, contact us by email or schedule an appointment and visit our office to discuss your specific case and gain clarity from one of our employees.