Basalt rebars

GBR-B composite rods are made of glass roving submerged in epoxy resin and pulled hot which gives them higher-than-average strength parameters. Glass fibers are also characterized by a lack of electrical conductivity and low thermal expansion. They have better physical and mechanical characteristics than glass fibers and are relatively inexpensive.

Our offer includes the GBR-B composite rods with diameters from 4 to 32mm. Depending on the diameter all of them are sold either in bundles, or in coils.

Due to the high stiffness, greater diameters are available in bundles (from 1 to 12m). In addition, we are able to cut rods to the desired by the Customer length – the only limitation is a transport capacity.

Smaller diameters of rods (from 4 to 10mm) are sold in coils with a diameter of 1m and lengths from 50 to 100m. Certainly, it is possible to cut the rods to the required length according to Customer preferences and also roll them into coils.

In addition, ReCo Technologies sells reinforcing meshes for asphalt and for concrete. We are able to deliver on request each grid spacing, while the standard range is from 50mm to 500mm with a gradation of 50 mm. Meshes are connected with plastic self-locking bands which are selected with strength due to the weight of the mesh. We also produce meshes with interlaced up and down rods. The alignment depends on the Customer preferences.