The appropriate production technology of glass and basalt fibre used by ReCo Technologies gives floors incredible technical parameters - prevents cracks formation, takes over the forces of heavy equipment and trucks, is resistant to chemical corrosion and ensures a long service life of the structure. It is mainly used as a scattered reinforcement for concrete providing a perfectly smooth surface not only at the beginning of use but also after a long period of operation.

Our offer includes glass fibre with a diameter of 2-5mm. Further, comparing to the production processes used by other companies, our fibers are hot-prolonged (pultrusion process), which increases their strength parameters. With an appropriate designed external structure,  GBR fibre provides better adhesion to concrete than the traditionally used steel one. In addition, due to the low weight it allows much easier transport and construction on the building site.

The company ReCo Technologies is able to produce fibre using basalt fibers on request. It is characterized by increased strength parameters and enhanced chemical resistance. It is used in areas especially exposed to aggressive acidic environment, for example in laboratories.