GBR composite rods are the Polish product, resulting in a pultrusion process (prolongation) of glass or basaltic fibers having a diameter of 5-12 microns, and subsequently bounded together with polymer based on epoxy resin. This procedure allows us to obtain a product that far exceeds the mechanical strength of steel rods.
In the bar section there are tens of thousands of single fibers embedded in a binder. Thanks to this specially designed structure our product has a very good adhesion to concrete.

Due to its unique cross-structure, the ribs provide excellent adhesion to concrete and very good cooperation between the materials. The manufacturing process of GBR composite rods enables the appropriate shaping of their winding structure since it gives the required shear strength of the rod.

Internal structure

The main component responsible for assigning the appropriate strength parameters of composite rods is a glass roving in case of GBR-G rods or a basalt roving for GBR-B rods. Only high-quality threads of rovings guarantee the fulfillment of the requirements concerning the physical and mechanical characteristics of reinforcement.

The another important element of composite material is a specially matched resin with a proprietary formulation applied by Reco Technologies. Combined in suitable proportions ingredients provide a ready product - composite rods signed with the mark GB.